SQL Fire Architect

Location: Hoffman Estates, IL
Date Posted: 04-30-2013

Design, configuration and implementation of a functional prototype SQLFire environment.  The Consultant will provide best practices and knowledge transfer of SQLFire technologies.  The Consultant will also review the configuration and specific use case as identified by the Customer.  The Consultant will review and fine tune the SQLFire environments and plans for future deployment of these technologies.
In general the Consultant will work with the Customer team on the following:

  • Review best practices as they apply to the design, setup and installation of  SQLFire working with the Customer team towards strategies and patterns that uptake the benefits of SQLFire
  • Work with the Customer to review the current configuration of SQLFire and compare to VMware vFabric best practices
  • Assist the Customer team with knowledge transfer of SQLFire
  • Work with the Customer team for future utilization of SQLFire within the organization
  • Assist the Customer to become self-sufficient in the use and full utilization of SQLFire technologies

As time allows the Consultant will work with the Customer team to accomplish the following:

  • Conduct on-site design workshops with the Customer team to validate the proposed use of SQLFire for the defined use case
  • Assist the Customer team toward the refinement and design of the SQLFire environment based on the Customer defined use case
  • Assist the Customer team with the process of validating proposed partitioning strategies, query patterns and method (i.e. key/value access wherever possible), indexing and other relevant SQLFire caching design elements against defined use case and proposed design
  • Review the configuration and tuning parameters for the Customer’s DEV-TEST environments
  • Fine tuning of JVM’s and its effect 
  • Deployment strategies and best practices for dynamic scaling
  • Review SQLFire command structure write stored procedures
  • Database synchronization (Greenplum-Pivotal HD)
  • Backup and restore process and procedures
  • Review strategy for high-availability/data redundancy for the SQLFire environment
  • Work with the Customer team to assist with meeting the success criteria detailed at the beginning of the engagement
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