Sr. Dot Net Developer //NY

Location: Rensselaer, NY
Date Posted: 10-10-2017
Sr. Dot Net Developer
Rensselaer, NY
24 Months
Job Description:
Central Accounts Payable System (CAPS) is an n-tiered web based application used for Administration of Financial Operations. The CAPS application modules together provide an integrated enterprise solution to support the Bureau of Financial Operations (BFO) and Bureau of Budget Management (BBM). CAPS application interfaces with internal OCFS applications, Office of the State Controller (OSC), Statewide Financial System (SFS), Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), and CMA for LATS-NY. It provides the agencies case management applications with validation of SFS Vendor and Chart of Accounts (COA). The application provides for automated invoice, billing, revenue processing, and auditing of payments.
CAPS has an integration with critical agency applications such as Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS), Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicap (CBVH), and Quality Youth Development System (QYDS). Authorized payments are transferred to the NYS Statewide Financial System (SFS) for payment via SFTP. The resulting return payment files are unencrypted, parsed and provide payment details for feeder system reconciliation. The PACS module provides Payroll Cost Allocation and Distribution by utilizing accurate accumulators for OCFS and OTDA employees. The MAPS module automates the interface with State Central Register (SCR) for deposits and also processes agency Refunds and Revenues for a timely deposit to the NYS treasury. The SFS financial file extracts are imported for reconciling, claiming and Federal Reporting on behalf of OCFS and OTDA.
CAPS project is on track for the Statewide Financial System (SFS) Winter release, scheduled for go-live in April 2017. OCFS and ITS are collaborating with SFS on improvement efforts. The staff attend presentation by SFS, Bulk load and revenue User Group meetings to receive the latest information concerning this release. SFS has posted Bulk Load Extract layouts and they are being reviewed for gap analysis with existing files.
In the coming year, extensive work has been requested including:
  • Environmental upgrades for TFS and new browsers.
  • Testing and implementation for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
  • Preparing for Oracle database upgrade to 12c
  • Review the new Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicap (CBVH) requirements for new applications implementation and interface impacts.
  • The Statewide Financial System (SFS) launched the seasonal enhancements, to add functionality and streamline processes in New York State’s enterprise financial system.
  • Implementation of OSC SFS Summer and Financial year changes.
  • The team continues to attend SFS User Group Meetings and agency checkpoint sessions, in order to be able to review application impacts and help agency staff who encounter difficulties with SFS in their daily work. SFS required modification to the reporting database for cost allocation. The reports will be used for Federal claiming and reimbursement on behalf of OCFS, National Community Services (NCS) and OTDA.
  • Re-architected the extract file processing. The legacy files are being replaced with new statewide files. The applications reports will utilize the new stored extracts.
  • CHEX is an automated checking account module that provides centralized account maintenance of facilities and home office Finance staff to easily view the online status of accounts, reconciliations and provide assurance that all accounts, especially key accounts, are being reconciled each month and on a timely basis. CHEX was successfully implemented in five (5) additional facilities, replacing the existing MS Money Counts used by Facility, on standalone aging PC’s. In addition, ten (10) home office accounts have been migration to the application for ease of use and centralization.
  • Enhancement requested for facilities youth account transfers adding returned checks feature with our facility accounts.
  • CAPS coordinated with Finance and Online Clearance System (OCS) to implement Online Payment Portal (OPP) in 2016. OCS users are allowed to process credit card payments for clearances. Finance staff view payment transactions real-time in the KMS Inquiry Portal and CAPS- Revenue Tracking System (RTS). Provided new screens to Finance staff to audit and process the Revenue Documents for Credit Card transactions.
  • Enhancement to addresses KMS integration for audit and reporting.
  • Additional logging for tracing transactions and Email notification for transaction status
  • The CAPS team supports Administrative Management Reporting Application (AMRA) a reconciliation, inquiry and reporting application for OCFS. The AMRA application streamlined the inquiry and mandated reporting process; aiding the Claims, Reporting and Reconciliation Unit (CRRU), Bureau of Budget Management (BBM) and Cost Allocation (CA). These areas provide the agency with auditing and reconciling of Expenditure, Encumbrances, Segregations, Chart of Accounts, Accumulator and Disbursement of funds, Vouchers, Journal transfers, appropriation Refunds and Revenues to OSC. AMRA provides a single source access for all OCFS and OTDA personnel, non-personnel, payable and contract reporting.
  • Established interface for the Request to Fill (RTF) application used for new agency hires
  • Assisted agency in migration to Business Service Center (BSC) and LATS-NY with decommission of CMA HRIS application and database.
  • Expanded existing web service interface with CMA to include OTDA employees as well as OCFS for accumulators and timecard details.
  • Created new BSC interface to provide employee details from HCM-NY for Human Resources and Training to consume for internal reporting.
  • OSC mandates that agencies process bills and receivables electronically using SFS there by reducing paper checks. Based on that, OCFS-BFO proposed a new module that enables CAPS to process Inter-Agency billing.
  • Proposed module will be a common framework that will facilitate maintenance and processing of inter-agency bills to various state entities. This module will act as the central repository for inter-agency bills under Central Accounts Payable System (CAPS) environment. This will ensure security related to data as well as access.
  • The agency received approval to utilize Inter-Agency Billing (IAB) for revenue transactions from DOH, OMH, OPWDD and OAISIS. A new module is being developed to process, display and audit these transactions for bulk load to SFS. The return extracts will need to update feeder systems.
  • Initial scope is to bill agencies towards background check fees addressing Child Abuse and Maltreatment (State Central Registry (SCR) Clearances). Transactions related to these shall be uploaded on a daily basis into the billing module through an interface from SCR-Online Clearance System (OCS). Development of a generic (scalable) billing system to accommodate various billing transactions interface in future.
Overall, the Technical Architect oversees a project over the full life cycle, from origination through close out, using a formal project management methodology. He/she takes ownership of the project and provides leadership to the team.
1. Analysis, design and development of enhanced features for the application.
2. .Net development
3. Perform writing of complex stored procedures/triggers in an Oracle database utilizing PL/SQL
4. Analysis, design and development of Oracle database objects
5. Work in coordination with the team and customers to support the application.
6. Perform unit testing and coordination of UAT and resolve deficiencies for retest.
Analysis and resolution of production issues relating to the application or the Oracle database.
Candidates should have at least 84 months experience and a majority of the following should apply:
Each candidate should fill out the months of experience they have for each item in the table:
1. 84 Months of experience engaging in project management communication including leading team meeting, customer interface activities, resolve project issues with CTO, prepare reports using Microsoft Office Suite particular MS project and Excel for status to IT leadership and agency executive management. #of months 15
2. 84 Months of experience in application architecture, design, implementation of large complex IT projects and interfaces involving technologies ASP.Net, C#, WCF, MVC, Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, ASPOSE, GIS address validation and PGP Encryption. #of months 15
3. 84 Months of experience in large n-tiered, .Net project management and technical lead for large development teams for enterprise level financial projects.   #of months 15
4. 84 Months experience developing and complex, large-scale database application using Oracle 11g/12c, XML DB, PL/SQL Queries, and stored procedures. #of months 15
5. 72 Months of experience in assisting stakeholders in data analysis, gathering business rules and applying security for the design and implementation of business intelligence using Microsoft SSRS and COGNOS BI reporting. #of months 10
6. Bachelor’s Degree.  #of months 10
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