Project Manager (04997)

Location: ALBANY, NY
Date Posted: 10-27-2017
Project Manager (04997)
 Albany, NY
  24 Months
Need PMP Certification Candidate
Job Description: 
The configuration/customization and implementation of a vendor hosted Electronic Health Record (EHR). The EHR solution will automate, standardize and streamline the health and care coordination record that will be used consistently statewide.
Review project deliverables in conjunction with OPWDD and NYS ITS and assist OPWDD in evaluating whether the deliverables are satisfactory.
Coordinate, lead, and actively participate in regular meetings per the work plan and project schedules to prepare for system implementation. This will entail establishing and coordinating workgroups. The Senior Project Manager will be expected to collaborate with staff from NYS Information Technology Service (ITS), OPWDD’s clinical services staff, NYSTEC and OPWDD’s billing and fiscal management staff.
Understand OPWDD’s business rules and processes to ensure that the EHR will function as necessary for the end-user to fully utilize and experience the benefits of an EHR. Review regulations and administrative memorandums when necessary to ensure that the final EHR solution will allow OPWDD to remain compliant with these rules and standards.
Develop project management tools such as communication plans and project status reports at least monthly but more frequently upon request and develop meeting agendas to ensure topics are reviewed and decisions are made within a timely manner.
Monitor progress of the vendor against the project plan, identifying issues/risks/questions and escalating to the ITS and OPWDD as appropriate.
Identify key dependencies, gaps, overlaps, and areas for efficiency for the project; framing of key decisions, issues, and risks for the Project Team through verbal updates and presentations.

1 Project Management Professional (e.g., PMP) with at least 84 months of experience leading information technology projects #of months  
2 Atleast 24 months ofexperienceworking   withNYS or other government  entitiesusing  theEPMOProjectManagementGuidelines. #of months  
3 Minimum of 60 months experience documenting Project Plans (business case, charter, scope, communications plan, schedule, risk management plan, issue log). #of months  
4 Minimum of 48months experienceassistingwithandfacilitatingcommunications withadiversegroupofexecutives,managers,andsubjectmatterexperts. #of months  
5 Minimum o f48 months experience conducting focus groups, individual interviews, or other techniques for requirements elicitation; determining and documenting business, technical and date requirements; and developing business rules and business process models. #of months  
6 Minumum of 48 months experience in managing multiple large, complex IT projects defined primarily as those with the following characteristics; budget over $500,000, duration over 12 months, venor lead application development/custominzation, and deployment to geographically diverse end users. #of months  
7 Minimum of six months experience working in human services and behavioral health either through the public or private sector or education and training in the area of behavioral health. #of months  
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