Data Center Consultant/(522439)

Location: Hanover, VA
Date Posted: 11-27-2017
Data Center Consultant/(522439)
Hanover VA
Duration: 1+Month
Short Description:
Hanover Data Center Planning and Pre-Design Consultant
Projected Hours is approx. 200
Complete Description:
Hanover will provide the work area. Since we don’t expect this person to need access to our Windows domain, the consultant should supply their own laptop and we can configure them with guest network access to give them the internet.
Initiative Overview
Hanover County is seeking a qualified individual or company to assist in the
development of a data center assessment report. The County drafted an assessment
document in 2009 that summarizes the physical condition of the electrical and HVAC
infrastructure serving the County’s main Wickham building data center. The primary
purpose of the report was to identify the cost of upgrading the existing infrastructure to
meet the County’s technology needs and goals. This effort is to update, modify, and
expand the scope of this report.
Implementation Plan
Project Overview
For the purposes of this initiative infrastructure shall be defined to include
electrical power, uninterrupted power supply units, emergency generator (including fuel
tank), HVAC (including airflow and aisle cooling), space requirements (equipment
storage areas, work areas, proof of concept lab), floor (tile/diffuser plates), and physical
racks. This infrastructure assessment shall consider the main Wickham building data
center, the Emergency Communication Center (public safety servers), and the Human
Service building data center (backup servers).
The intent is to update the existing infrastructure conditions and provide an
updated assessment for the main Wickham building data center. The assessment factors
have been expanded with the new report. In addition, since the 2009 report was drafted,
the County has established infrastructure in the Emergency Communications Center and
the Human Services building. The assessment needs to consider those facilities as well.
The County intends to move its main Wickham building data center from the
basement to the first floor (same building). The existing conditions will be based on the
existing datacenter location, but the assessment will need to consider the future location.
Project Scope
The selected vendor will be required to document existing infrastructure
conditions. The existing report will serve as a basis for this effort, but it will be
supplemented through meetings with key IT and General Service staff. An on-site visit
to visually inspect the existing infrastructure at all three data center locations is required.
All recommendations shall be based on discussions with County IT and General Services
staff and shall consider technology best practices as defined by the IT Service
Management model.
The selected vendor shall provide recommendations for general repairs and
improvements to the current infrastructure to ensure operational efficiency. In addition,
this analysis shall identify infrastructure improvements required to accommodate growth
over the next 10 years. To the extent the selected vendor is able to identify opportunities
and constraints with the move of the data center from the basement to the first floor those
shall be documented.
The selected vendor shall identify infrastructure improvements required to
implement a Tier II data center for the main Wickham building data center as defined by
the Telecommunications Industry Associated standard TIA-942. These recommendations
shall be based on the new location of the main data center.
For any infrastructure repairs or improvements identified, the selected vendor
shall provide cost estimates. These cost estimate shall be considered “budget level”
estimates (not derived from specific quotes) and shall be based in today’s dollars without
any escalators.
The assessment report will not include any analysis of specific server or network
equipment and no analysis of cloud technology alternatives and options is needed. The
assessment report will not include any analysis of physical security measures needed for
the data centers. This initiative does not require drafting new or updating existing
sketches, graphic figures, or diagrams depicting existing or proposed conditions.
The County is seeking these services from qualified individuals or companies that
have experience in data center design, implementation, administration, or management.
A minimum of three years of experience in data center environments is desired. The
selected vendor should have experience providing technical consulting support for
projects, including requirements gathering and solution design. Excellent verbal
communication and written documentation skills are required. All individuals who will
be working on the assessment must be able to pass a criminal records background check.
Required / Desired         
of Experience
data center planning and design
technical consulting support to include requirements gathering and solution design
excellent written documentation as the final work product is an assessment report
Global Candidate Requirements
Required / Desired         
of Experience
Question 1
Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 2
Please list candidate's email address that will be used when submitting E-RTR.
Question 3
Consultant will need to supply laptop
Question 4
Consultant will need to drive to 2 other Hanover locations to collect intel
Question 5
County projects this assignment should take approx. 200 hours to collect and complete the Assessment Report
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