Oracle PL/SQL C# UI Crystal Reports Developer (05069)

Location: ALBANY, NY
Date Posted: 11-29-2017
Oracle PL/SQL C# UI Crystal Reports Developer (05069)
 Albany, NY
 24 Months
Job Description: 
1. Prepare database scripts for the purpose of creating new Oracle tables, modifying the structure of existing tables, creating indexes, constraints, triggers, etc.
2. Create Oracle stored procedures and packages.
3. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and write code using C# .NET, Java, Ajax, HTML, XML, WCF, Angular JS, MVC and web API.
4. Use Team Foundation Server as a repository for the source code, for checking code in and out, branching off new versions of the source code, and for tracking project work items.  
5. Use Crystal Reports version 13 to create new and enhance existing reports.
6. Prepare change requests with detailed instructions, and, using HP ServiceCenter software, schedule the deployment of new versions of the application to the Development, QA and Production platforms, and work with Database and Server Administration groups to facilitate these deployments.
7. Use agile development practices, attend scrum meetings, sprint planning and review meetings; Code the desired functionality, based on “user stories”, into the application.
8. Perform a large amount of testing of the application, especially after new versions are deployed.
1. 84 Months      Demonstrated experience with Oracle: PL SQL coding, stored procedures, packages, indexes, triggers, creating tables etc. #of months  
2. 84 Months      Demonstrated experience programming web based applications in C# .NET. #of months  
3. 84 Months      Designing Crystal Reports and invoking them from web based applications. #of months  
4. 84 Months      Demonstrated experience with Ajax/Java Script/Cascading Style Sheets/HTML/XML. #of months  
5. 48 Months     Demonstrated experience with Team Foundation Server, using source code management, including branching, plus work items functionality. #of months  
6. 36 Months     Demonstrated experience developing web services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). #of months  
7. 36 Months     Demonstrated experience working with data covered under HIPAA regulations #of months  
8. 36 Months     Demonstrated experience developing/maintaining/supporting a criminal tracking system that uses Criminal Procedure Law and tracks events and legal statuses of people housed in a restricted facility. #of months  
9. 24 Months   Demonstrated experience designing security protocols using LDAP with ASP.NET applications to protect patient health information for State or Local Agencies. #of months  
10. 12 Months      Demonstrated experience working with modern JavaScript frameworks including both Angular JS and jQuery to build user interfaces for web based applications. #of months  
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