Java Spring WebLogic Oracle DB Developer

Location: ALBANY, NY
Date Posted: 12-07-2017
Java Spring WebLogic Oracle DB Developer
 Menands, NY
 6 Months
Rate -45$/hr
Job Description: 
 The national and state EPHT programs produce Nationally Consistent Data & Measures at the county level. However, rates of disease, sociodemographic characteristics, and environmental risk factors can vary dramatically within counties. Public health professionals, environmental agencies, health providers and the public are interested in sub-county data to more precisely target public health actions.   Staff on the environmental health side of the EPHT program have already begin to identify strategies to manage the challenges of acquiring and displaying sub-county health data at fine geographic scales for the EPHT project, such as; 1) confidential health data may be inadvertently disclosed when displayed at a fine scale, 2) the numbers of health events in small geographic areas are too small to provide reliable estimates, 3) the data quality of the health demographic data used to calculate sub-county health indicators may lead to misleading results.  However, presentation of sub-county data will require building out the existing IT infrastructure to accommodate larger datasets and a more complex data interface.
 The focus of this project is to continue the build out the new sub‐county platform and infrastructure. This consultant will be responsible for working with other IT staff, as well as environmental health staff, to develop a database structure, develop and test sub-county application requirements, and communicate with existing IT staff to ensure integration of data and messaging. 
 A Senior Computer Programmer will assist EPHT IT staff in the implementation of the EPHT
sub‐county application. This programmer will assist in gathering data and processing indicators,
and work under the guidance of senior programming staff to develop a database structure and
integrate the database with the public‐facing application. This programmer will be present at,
and participate in, weekly staff meetings and be expected to provide periodic progress updates.
72 Months hands-on experience in application development using modern JavaScript frameworks such as Angular. #OF MONTHS  
2. 72 Months hands-on experience using SPRING or a similar java development framework.  #OF MONTHS  
3. 48 months hands-on experience using Hibernate, myBATIS or other Object Relational Mapping framework. #OF MONTHS  
4. 60 Months hands-on experience in programming Oracle WebLogic Java applications from specifications expressed by use cases, class diagrams, interaction diagrams and sequence diagrams. #OF MONTHS  
60 months hands-on development of Web services, including SOAP based and RestFul based implementations.    
6. 60 Months hands-on experience in developing Oracle database schemas, tables, procedures and permissions. #OF MONTHS  
7. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Information Technology or Public Health from an accredited institution #OF MONTHS  
8. 36 months of experience in programming public sector government IT projects. #OF MONTHS  
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