Health Care Security/Risk Specialists (05306)

Location: ALBANY, NY
Date Posted: 03-07-2018
Health Care Security/Risk Specialist (05306)
 Albany, NY
 24 Months
Job Description: 
1. Review and guide ITS services supporting OMH’s compliance mandates.
2. Guide security requirements in IT architectural reviews.
3. Interact with ITS enterprise entities to guide service and policy / standard development.
4. Conduct on-site review of HIPAA Security Rule practices across the OMH hospital system.
5. Interface with OMH agency leadership, providing routine reporting of compliance and security posture and addressing security services
6.Perform detailed annual HIPAA risk assessments and PoAM development for all OMH institutes and hospital environments
7. Assist OMH in completing annual NYS security and risk reporting.
1. 84 Months Employed in a non-operational Healthcare Information Security / Risk Management position. #OF MONTHS  
2. 24 Months Employeed as HIPAA Security Official and Healthcare Chief Information Security Officer #OF MONTHS  
3. 72 Months Performing formal IT risk assessment AND management in a corporate/enterprise environment exceeding 20 locations and 10,000 employees. #OF MONTHS  
4. 36 Months Employed in IT management position requiring reporting and accountability to non-IT management #OF MONTHS  
5. 48 Months Developing PoAM and managing risk remediation #OF MONTHS  
6. 18 Months working with NYS ITS policies, standards and processes #OF MONTHS  
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