Linux RHEL Chef Suse VMware

Location: Albany, NY
Date Posted: 05-14-2018
Linux RHEL Chef Suse VMware
Albany, NY
Duration: 12 Months
Job Description: 
Duties include but not limited to the following:

1. Architect, installation, configuration, monitor, administration and support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL) versions 6.x, 7.x and to a lesser degree additional Linux distributions such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server servers. Linux instances are primarily installed as VMware vSphere ESX hosted virtual machines however bare metal physical hardware installations are also within scope. VMware vCenter is used to perform virtual machine cloning, snapshots and vMotion.
2. Architect, implementation, monitor and support automation routines to centrally configure large Data Center Linux based infrastructures. Chef, Ansible, Zabbix, RunDeck, OSSEC and Graylog are utilized.
3. Architect, implementation, monitor and support automation routines to centrally patch large Data Center Linux based infrastructures. Red Hat Satellite and Suse Manager are utilized.
4. Access permissions are delegated for users with sudo and ACL file permissions. Duties include expert high levels of shell scripting, yum installations, rpm installations and SSL certificate installations. OSSEC and auditd are utilized.
5. Problem resolution, debugging and monitoring are required and include tools such as SAR, nmon, netstat, Wireshark, Tivoli and syslog.
6. Linux network related duties that include configuration, support and debugging of servers using firewalled network segments, F5 hardware based load balancers, network Virtual IPs, VPNs, tunnels, VLANs, TCP and UDP IP ports. Additionally DNS, NTP, NFS, X Window and ssh are used.
7. Servers are hosted for state government agency customers in multiple 24x7 Data Centers. Candidates will routinely interact with customers and work in project groups on large highly visible projects and will be the primary single point of contact with customers, other support teams and vendors. ServiceNow IT Services is used for incident management, change management and service catalog management.
8. Duties require binary installation and support for customer applications involving software such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, JBoss, Webshere, MQ, Oracle database, Drupal, FileNet, Siteminder, LDAP, Reverse Proxy, FTP, Forum Sentry and SOA. Customers are responsible for application specific configurations although duties include heavy customer support as needed.
Candidates should have at least 84 months experience and a majority of the following should apply: 
Each candidate should fill out the months of experience they have for each item in the table:
1. 84+ months architecting, installing, configuring, monitoring, administrating and supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers in an Enterprise Data Center environment. #OF MONTHS 24
2. 60+ months automating configurations of Linux infrastructure using DevOps tools Chef, Puppet or Ansible. #OF MONTHS 16
3. 60+ months automating centralized patch management of Linux infrastructure using Spacewalk, Red Hat Satellite or Suse Manager. #OF MONTHS 12
4. 60+ months architecting, installing, configuring, monitoring, upgrading and supporting Linux infrastructure running as VMware ESX virtual machines. #OF MONTHS 10
5. 60+ months networking experience architecting, integrating, monitoring, supporting and troubleshooting Web related systems in firewalled, load balanced Data Center Enterprise networks. #OF MONTHS 8
6. 60+ months of IT Service Management (project, service catalog, change and incident management) interaction with customers, other support teams and vendors on projects supporting 24x7 systems. #OF MONTHS 10
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