Oracle PL/SQL  W/ workers’ compensation...

Location: NEW YORK, NY
Date Posted: 09-12-2018
Oracle PL/SQL  W/ workers’ compensation
New York, NY
 24 Months
Job Description:
  • (1) Bill Redesign
  • Re-design NYSIF’s Monthly Billing Statement to create a bill that is more customer-friendly and easier for policyholders to understand.
  •  Complete redesign the format of the NYSIF’s WC & DB Monthly Bill. Requires the development of new Adobe XDPs and new Adobe print jobs.
  •  Re-engineer WC & DB Monthly Bill programming packages in order to eliminate obsolete features and incorporate new requirements.
  • Apply new programming to support new requirements, new design features, new transaction descriptions, etc.
  •  design and develop a DynamicPDF version of the bill for intranet use
  • design and develop a version of the bill for intranet display
  • (2) NY Statewide Offset Program (SWOP)
  • Section 171-f of the Tax Law, enacted by Chapter 55 of the Laws of 1992, authorizes the offset of debts owed to the state agencies against tax refunds and certain other state payments. NYSIF will take part in this Offset Program through the Department of Taxation and Finance.
  • Development works needed in the following area:
    •    Changes to NYSIF’s Billing and Collections System
    •    Creation of debt certification files
    •    Annual Renewal
    •    Weekly Offset processing including updates to Oracle Financial.
    •    Reporting
  • The duties of the consulting resources would be to plan, create, modify, test and implement code in support of any of the following:

•    Design and create applications to extract, transform and load data from source to target database
•    Develop Oracle stored procedure, packages, and triggers to integrate in-house application with cloud-based software
•    Develop batch application using .net, oracle
•    Develop online application using .net and oracle
•    Develop with modern web development frameworks.

The consultant will adhere to NYSIF’s application development standards, including, but not limited to, project management methodology, SDLC (software development life cycle), Enterprise Architecture standards and the IT governance process.

1. At least 24 months experience using Innotas #of months 4
2. At least 24 months experience using Visual Build Pro 7 or newer #of months 4
3. At least 24 months experience using HP Quality Center #of months 4
4. At least 84 months’ experience in Oracle development, PL/SQL development including all the following: Triggers, functions, Stored Procedures, Packages & Advanced Queueing. #of months 10
5. At least 84 months’ experience in development, support and implementation of software for Workers’ Compensation and Disability insurance to analyze and process premium calculations using algorithm following NYS Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB) guidelines and regulations #of months 20
6. At least 84 months experience with Oracle PL/SQL to develop and support Workers’ Compensation and Disability insurance accounts receivables billing using terms and collection procedures #of months 12
7. At least 60 months’ experience with oracle PL/SQL in development, support and implementation of Workers’ Compensation insurance application to evaluate and process Loss Cost analysis, assessments and NYCIRB Ratings #of months 12
8. At least 36 months experience with Visual Studio 2010 or Newer to develop web applications using .net framework (, C# & #of months 10
9. At least 60 months experience with XML, XSLT #of months 4

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